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New Technologies Make Commercial Window Washing Easier

Traditional window cleaning methods involve using a bucket, a ladder, and a squeegee to clean windows. The problem with this type of cleaning is that tap water has impurities that can leave unsightly marks. Fortunately, there are some newer technologies that can make this process a lot easier. These newer technologies can be operated quickly and easily, while leaving windows cleaner than ever. To learn more, read on!

When considering when to clean windows, consider the clientele. For instance, a hospital has many more fingerprints on its interior windows than an office building, so this type of cleaning requires a higher frequency than a business located in a suburban neighborhood. And consider the climate. If you live in a climate that rains a lot, you will want to clean windows more frequently than a building that receives minimal rainfall. If your clientele is mainly children, then you will want to clean windows more often.

Professionals use deionized water or Dawn dishwashing liquid to clean windows. Distilled water removes calcium, while ethanol and isopropyl alcohol help windows dry faster, even on the wettest of days. Using a squeegee, a professional cleaner can get rid of stubborn streaks and stains on windows. Using a natural sponge will extend the life of the squeegee blades.

In addition to specialized equipment, window washers use a variety of tools to clean windows. Supported scaffolding sits on the lower surface of a building. Suspended scaffolding hangs from above. These platforms are not fixed to the lower surface, but are instead suspended by wire rope. In either case, a worker can climb up and down the pole manually or using a motor. This type of window cleaning can be dangerous, but the latest technologies can minimize the risk of injury by keeping employees on the ground.

Professional window washing services can also remove scratches and scuffs from windows. If you’re looking for a way to maintain a clear, sparkling window, it’s important to hire a professional commercial window cleaning service. You’ll be happy you did. There are many benefits to hiring a professional, including safety and customer satisfaction. A reputable window washing service will protect your windows and ensure that you don’t have to worry about damage to your property.

As with any service, a commercial window cleaning service can be profitable if it has a high level of efficiency. The best window washing software can account for supplies used in the process. While some supplies may be purchased only once, others may need a regular supply, such as paper towels. The software can calculate this information for you and bill your clients accordingly. Once you start learning and perfecting the art of writing a window washing bid, you’ll be able to increase your profits faster.

When selecting a commercial window washing service, be sure to consider your employees’ safety. A diverse team consists of different people who have different sensitivities and allergies. If you’re worried about exposing your employees to potential airborne contaminants, ask about the company’s policies on this topic. If necessary, you can also survey your employees for allergies and compare the results to those of the window cleaning company. If necessary, you can use the results to make the final decision.

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